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Division of Life and Annuities And Long Term Care
Life Insurance Policy Search

The Louisiana Department of Insurance sends these requests to all life insurance companies which sell policies in Louisiana. Some companies may not be able to search their files electronically, so it is possible that there may be some active policies which cannot be located.

Before you submit a request...

Here are some suggested avenues of investigation which may produce results for you:

  • The former employer of the deceased may have information on group life coverage.
  • Financial institutions such as banks and credit unions sometimes offer term insurance to their patrons.
  • Personal papers such as checks written in payment of life insurance premiums may yield leads to insurance policies.
  • Fraternal organizations, associations, professional membership groups, unions and other such entities may make life insurance available to their members.

Information you obtain from these and other sources may also be of benefit to the insurer conducting research on your request. Therefore, you may wish to consider exploring these avenues of possibility before submitting a request for a search.  However, if you wish to proceed now, please click the below link.

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