Volume 12, Issue 9
September 2021


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Guidance After the Storm

The Louisiana Department of Insurance is offering guidance to homeowners and businesses impacted by Hurricane Ida. 

  • Before you begin clean up, take pictures or video of the damage that occurred both inside and outside of your home.

  • Make temporary repairs to your property to prevent further losses from the elements and to secure your property.

  • You can pull wet stuff out of your house so it doesn’t cause mold, but do not throw anything away until an adjuster has seen it.

  • Do not begin permanent repairs until after you have been instructed to do so by your insurance adjuster.

  • File for Additional Living Expenses (ALE). Many homeowners policies include provisions to cover the extra expenses you encounter while displaced from your home. ALE is supposed to cover the difference between what you would normally spend on things like food and other essentials while you are at home and when you are displaced. It is designed to cover additional expenses, not ordinary bills. Find more information on ALE here.



Filing a Claim

Contact your insurance agent. Gather as much information as you can about your policy including how much time you have to file a claim.

Keep your receipts. Your policy could cover the cost of temporary housing if you’re unable to continue living in your home due to damage.

Working with an adjuster. Within 30 days an insurance adjuster should be sent out to inspect damage to your property.

Agents, adjusters, and contractors’ identification. Speak with your adjuster and contact the Better Business Bureau in your area before signing contracts for repairs. Click here to watch a video for tips. 




My vehicle was flooded during the storm. Can I file a claim?

Yes, if you have purchased comprehensive coverage your vehicle is covered for flooding.

My neighbor’s tree fell on my property and caused damage. Is the neighbor’s homeowners insurance company responsible for payment of my repairs?

Generally speaking, if your neighbor’s healthy tree falls on your home, fence, or other property, it is your insurance company’s responsibility to pay for repairing the damage. Your neighbor’s insurer would probably only accept liability and pay for the damage if the tree was dead or weakened in such a way that the owner should have known it was dangerous before it fell.

I am unable to live in my apartment due to storm damage. Will my renters insurance policy help cover expenses?

Check your policy. Renters insurance may include coverage for additional living expenses like hotel bills.

Will my insurance company recommend a contractor to survey damage to my property following a disaster?

Most of the time insurance companies will not recommend a contractor. If a contractor claims they were sent by an insurance company, ask to see something in writing and confirm with your insurance company.

How soon does the insurance company have to pay me the money it owes me for the repairs to my property?

Sometimes you will receive a check quickly. However, an insurance company has up to 30 days to pay your claim after you give them satisfactory proof of loss.


Final Note

The Louisiana Department of Insurance is here for you throughout the recovery process. If you have general questions about your insurance policy, our Office of Consumer Advocacy can help. Call us at 800-259-5300.




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