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Hurricane Archives

Hurricanes Katrina & Rita Press Releases

05/01/2008 Commissioner Donelon Urges Consumers to Protect their Property with Flood Insurance
04/16/2008 Army Corps of Engineers Updates Donelon, Insurers on South LA Hurricane Protection System
04/03/2008 Commissioner Donelon Announces Residential Property Storm Mitigation Incentives
03/31/2008 Commissioner Donelon Announces Procedures for the Depopulation of Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation
03/07/2008 Additional Company Applies for 2nd Round of Insure LA Incentive Grants
02/27/2008 Application Deadline Nearing for $100 Million Insurer Grant Program
02/20/2008 Commissioner Donelon, Allstate Companies Resolve Insurance Disputes
01/18/2008 Commissioner Donelon Announces Homeowner Storm Mitigation Incentives Available in Form of Premium Discounts from Insurers
01/11/2008 Governor Blanco, Commissioner Donelon Award 1st Round of Insure LA Incentive Program Grants
11/06/2007 Six Companies Apply for Insure LA Incentive Grants
10/29/2007 Ironshoe Insurance to Provide Property and Catastrophe Insurance in Louisiana
10/02/2007 $100 Million Insurance Incentive Program Launched Today
09/25/2007 Donelon, Fellow Commissioners Tackle Coastal Insurance Issues at Public Hearing
09/20/2007 Donelon to Co-Host Public Hearing on Coastal Insurance Issues
08/14/2007 State Farm to Write More LA Homeowners Insurance
08/08/2007 Commissioner Donelon Announces New Online Auto and Homeowners Insurance Rate Comparison Guides
08/01/2007 Commissioner Donelon to Discuss Storm Awareness in Lafayette
07/23/2007 Important Citizens Tax Refund Information
07/02/2007 Commissioner Donelon's Insurance Package Passes
06/15/2007 Commissioner Donelon to Discuss Storm Awareness in Lafayette
06/14/2007 Commissioner Donelon to Discuss Storm Awareness in Alexandria
05/29/2007 Commissioner Donelon Launches Storm Awareness Tour in Shreveport
05/10/2007 Donelon Announces Settlement with State Farm over Disputed Hurricane Katrina and Rita Slab Claims
05/01/2007 Commissioner Donelon Urges Consumers to Protect Their Property with Flood Insurance
03/23/2007 Donelon Announces Legislation to Attract Insurers
03/19/2007 Donelon Settlement with Allstate Archives Added Consumer Protection
03/06/2007 Donelon Orders Allstate to Reinstate Policyholders, Re-Inspect Properties
03/01/2007 Donelon Says DOI Will Inspect Some Allstate Insured Properties
01/30/2007 AAA and DOI Recognize Baldwin Haspel for Support of La. Hurricane Mediation Program
01/29/2007 AAA and DOI Recognize Calcasieu Parish for Support of La. Hurricane Mediation Program
01/09/2007 Commissioner Donelon Urges Louisiana Residents to Review Insurance Policies in the New Year
11/22/2006 Commissioner Donelon and Governor Blanco Urge Quick Reply from Insurers for Road Home Program Requests
09/28/2006 Commissioner Donelon Has Ordered Horace Mann Insurance Companies to Halt Unlawful Cancellation or Nonrenewal of Homeowners Policies
09/22/2006 Louisiana Insurance Facts about Hurricane Rita
08/28/2006 Louisiana Insurance Facts about Hurricane Katrina
08/14/2006 Need Insurance? Visit the DOI Web Site to Find Out Which Companies Are Writing in Your Parish
08/14/2006 Over 99 Percent of Homeowners Insurance Market Signs on to Extend Prescription
08/11/2006 Over 95 Percent of Homeowners Insurers Sign to Extend Prescription
07/31/2006 Statement from Donelon Following His Meeting with Allstate President
07/27/2006 Donelon, Allstate President to Meet Monday
07/26/2006 Commissioner Donelon Calls on Allstate CEO to Discuss Company's Plan to Shed Louisiana Coverage
07/21/2006 Commissioner Donelon Proposes to Invoke Regulatory Action in Allstate Matter
07/11/2006 Commissioner Donelon Orders Companies to Extend Hurricane Katrina/Rita Prescription Deadline
06/05/2006 Commissioner Donelon Urges Insurers to Extend Hurricane Katrina/Rita Claims Prescription
05/17/2006 Consumer Complaints Lead to Probe of Hurricane Claims Handling Practices of Two Insurers
05/01/2006 Commissioner Donelon Launches Storm Awareness Tour in Lake Charles
04/10/2006 Katrina "Evacuees" to Receive Additional Opportunities to Join, Switch Medicare Plans
03/22/2006 Commissioner Donelon Works to Help State Secure Funds for LA Policyholders Hit Hard by Hurricanes
03/02/2006 Commissioner Donelon Issues New Hurricane-Related Consumer Protections
01/06/2006 Commissioner Wooley Urges Louisiana Residents to "Get Even Smarter" about Their Insurance Coverage
12/22/2005 Commissioner Wooley Unveils Hurricane Mediation Program
11/16/2005 Commissioner Wooley Statement in Support of Building Code Legislation
11/08/2005 Insurance Adjusting in Plaquemines, St. Bernard Grids Ahead of Schedule
11/07/2005 Important Second Notice Regarding Insurance Premium Payments after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
11/01/2005 Important Notice Regarding Insurance Premium Payments after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
10/26/2005 Wooley to Speak at Homebuilders Disaster Summit in New Orleans October 26
10/25/2005 Commissioner Wooley Announces Success in Grid 1, Grid 2 Scheduled Adjusting Underway in St. Bernard and Plaquemines Parishes
10/20/2005 Commissioner Announces Location of DOI Staff in State Disaster Recovery Centers
10/12/2005 Commissioner Announces Insurance Adjuster Schedule for Grid 1 in St. Bernard and Plaquemines Parishes
09/21/2005 Blanco Signs Executive Order Allowing Wooley to Enact Emergency Insurance Rules
08/30/2005 Department of Insurance Issues Very Early Damage Estimates
08/30/2005 Department of Insurance Employee Advisory

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