1160389Calep, Louis III Notice of Fine06/24/2016
1084607Campbell, David Notice of Fine02/04/2016
1257680Candebat, Brent D Notice of Fine01/23/2017
1158652Candler, James Lee Notice of Fine06/21/2016
1211590Cannon, Ricky Revocation - Louisiana10/06/2016
1157577Cantrell, William Henry Notice of Fine06/16/2016
1069809Caremark, L.L.C. Notice of Fine01/04/2016
1069852CaremarkPCS Health, L.L.C. Notice of Fine01/04/2016
1159152Carpenter, Lauren Kay Notice of Fine06/22/2016
1211601Carpenter, Lauren Kay Suspension - Louisiana10/06/2016
1278132Carter, Cynthia Notice of Fine02/27/2017
1229132Cascio, Sammy Notice of Fine11/14/2016
1152262Cates, James Parker Revocation - Louisiana06/08/2016
1156874Causey, Charlie Lee Jr Notice of Fine06/16/2016
1250658Chames, Louis P Notice of Fine01/05/2017
1069861Christus Health Plan Notice of Fine01/04/2016
1157369Cimini, Susan Burch Notice of Fine05/18/2016
1123317CITY SECURITIES CORP Notice of Fine04/18/2016
1080210CLA COMPANY, INC. Notice of Fine01/27/2016
1117226Clarke, Marc Joseph Suspension - Louisiana03/31/2016
1192703Clarkson, Kristen Notice of Fine08/30/2016
1153002Cloyd, Brittani Anne Notice of Fine06/10/2016
1181380Cockrell, Stacey Gene Notice of Fine08/04/2016
1215738Cole, Trevor Notice of Fine10/17/2016
1156936Coleman, Tamanyca Leche Notice of Fine06/16/2016
1069820Companion Third Party Administrators, LLC Notice of Fine01/04/2016
1226017Contemporary Solutions-Usa Inc Notice of Fine11/04/2016
1126208Cooper, Michael Cortez Revocation - Louisiana04/25/2016
1161982Crisler, William Boyd Notice of Fine06/29/2016
1229129Crosby, Melissa Onita Notice of Fine11/14/2016
1193226CTC TRANSPORTATION INS SERVICES LLC Notice of Fine08/31/2016
1170261Cummins, Daniel Consent Agreement06/15/2016
1222450Curtis, Teresa Notice of Fine10/28/2016
1113554CWIBENEFITS INC Notice of Fine03/29/2016
1140344CWIBENEFITS INC Notice of Fine05/17/2016