1174358Galaher Settlements and Insurance Services Inc. Notice of Fine07/21/2016
1073471Gamez, Blenda Vanette Revocation - Louisiana01/13/2016
1257005GATEWAY INSURANCE COMPANY Notice of Fine01/16/2017
1230122George Peterson Ins. Agency Inc. Notice of Fine11/15/2016
1115000Giddens, Wesley Ryan Notice of Fine03/31/2016
1226620Gloudeman, Rebecca J Notice of Fine11/07/2016
1112674Goeschel, Joshua Paul Notice of Fine03/28/2016
1161872Good, Julian Herman Jr Notice of Fine06/22/2016
1115841Gore, Kasey Notice of Fine04/01/2016
1172616GRAHAM INS GROUP WEST INC Notice of Fine07/19/2016
1071604Gralapp, Abby Notice of Fine01/07/2016
1074223Gray, Anthony Clyde Revocation - Louisiana01/14/2016
1231536Green, Clory R Revocation - Louisiana11/17/2016
1078929Green, Michele D Notice of Fine01/25/2016
1172674Griffin, Gerald Patrick Notice of Fine07/19/2016
1148304Grimes, Keely Revocation - Louisiana06/01/2016
1211595Guerrero, Michael Revocation - Louisiana10/06/2016
1145131GUIDEONE MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY Consent Agreement05/10/2016
1071602Guillory, Jean Paul Notice of Fine01/07/2016
1178108Gumms, Varneisha Notice of Fine07/28/2016