1109682Tajchman, Scott J Notice of Fine03/21/2016
1204049TECHNOLOGY INSURANCE COMPANY, INC. Notice of Fine09/22/2016
1260400TECHNOLOGY INSURANCE COMPANY, INC. DAL Hearing Ruling01/13/2017
1240338Terman, Christopher Lynn Revocation - Louisiana12/08/2016
1150210Thaxton Group Inc Notice of Fine06/07/2016
1200376The Climate Insurance Agency LLC Consent Agreement09/15/2016
1077588The Insurance House Inc. Notice of Fine01/22/2016
1204145Thomas, Holley Anne Revocation - Louisiana09/21/2016
1217656Thomas, Sherita Renee Notice of Fine10/19/2016
1094203Thomas, Todd Timothy Notice of Fine02/23/2016
1150243Thomas, Todd Timothy Suspension - Louisiana06/07/2016
1111174Thompson, Warren Ronald Notice of Fine03/23/2016
1230512Tobias Zavala, Angelica Dianira Notice of Fine11/16/2016
1195351Todd, Charlyce Mathis Notice of Fine09/06/2016
1267717Tolbert, Monique Irene Notice of Fine02/10/2017
1078931Tolivar, April Notice of Fine01/25/2016
1203835Tolliver, Jaimee Cease and Desist Order09/21/2016
1203826Tolliver, Jaimee Suspension - Louisiana09/21/2016
1161710TOTAL FINANCIAL GROUP, LLC Notice of Fine06/28/2016
1157688Traeger, Colleen Marie Notice of Fine06/20/2016
1231351Traeger, Colleen Marie Revocation - Louisiana11/17/2016
1193094Trahan, Alice Mae Notice of Fine08/31/2016
1113433Tran, Trinh Thuy Suspension - Louisiana03/29/2016
1159481Trent, Charles Harrison Notice of Fine06/22/2016
1250647Trupanion Managers USA Inc Notice of Fine01/05/2017
1233732Tyree, Leroy Ernest Jr Notice of Fine11/22/2016